Monday, June 6, 2011

'Straight from the Heart' Award

There are a lot of awards floating around out there and they all come with some type of stipulation.  I designed the 'Straight from the Heart' Award as an award to bestow on writers that pour their heart and soul, one way or another, into their blog.  They are bloggers that go above and beyond to allow their readers to experience what they are feeling, what is floating around in their head, what is in their heart and soul.
There are no specific stipulations that come along with this particular award.  I would like you to use your imagination.  Whether you would like to share something personal about yourself, or tell your readers about somewhere you have visited or would like to visit.  It is totally up to you.  Who knows, the day you are posting about this, you may not want to share anything about yourself and that is okay too.
You can choose to pass this on to one blogger or twenty.  Again, totally up to you.  This is your award to do with as you please.
I would like to share a place that I would love to visit someday.  Australia.  Yep, there it is.  I would love to go to Australia and be able to see certain animals up close and personal.  To have the opportunity to see a Kangaroo, Wallaby,  and a Koala would be totally fascinating to me.  To see a Cockatoo somewhere in the wild and not in a cage would be refreshing.  And, if I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of a group of Tasmanian wolves, well that would just make the whole entire trip so worth it!

Now, for the bloggers chosen for this award...I had a hard time choosing, so I put everyone's name in a pot and started pulling out slips of paper.  I know, a little primal, but I was trying to be fair.  These are in no particular order, I just started typing!

Without further ado, please let me present the Straight from the Heart Award to the following bloggers:

Everyday Gyaan
Raising Amelie
Almost There
Healthy Lifestyles Living
Bongo Is Me
Charlie Nitric
Motifs On The Wall
Holes In My Soles
Finding Ones Way
Tale Spinning
Pamanner's Blog
Through My Insanity And...What Else Is There?
Sweepy Jean Explores The (Webby) World 3.5

In order to leave some blogs for others, I better stop here.  Believe me, I could keep going.

Each one of these bloggers deserves this Award!  To tell you about each individual blog would take hours.  Each one is full of emotion, sharing different experiences in their life with their readers.  I find each and every one of their blogs intriguing and I'm always going back to see what's new in their end of the world.  Please take the time to pay them a visit and if you find their blog interesting to you, leave them a comment and let them know!

Congratulations to All of You! ©