Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Damn! I'm So Bored!

What does a person do when they have so much to do, but their body just says 'Hell No' to doing it?  If you have been following my blog, then you know that I hurt my back about a week and a half ago.  I know, I should have taken my sorry ass to the doctor and got it taken care of.  But seriously, I am actually terrified of going to a doctor.  I will have to be half dead before I resort to that!
halfdeadImage by danmachold via Flickr
I really have no one to blame but myself.  But what does one do with themselves when they can't really do what they want to???
Well, for starters, you find things that are within your limitations.
This is a project that I have not had the time to complete.  I love old-timey things that I can restore.  This is one of them, although someone had painted this poor rocking chair 'pink'!  Ughhh!  So I had my father pick me up a can of barn red paint and decided to take on this project.  As you can see, I got to the Polyurethane stage and now it's a matter of waiting until it's dry enough to put on another coat.  
This is the second project that has been awaiting my attention.  Unfortunately, going up and down stairs is not agreeing with my back right now, and as this chair needs to be stained I won't be doing it any time soon.  Why not?  Because the stain is in our basement!
Here was an easy task for me to handle.  I have friends and neighbors giving me plant cuttings all the time.  This is a cutting of Holly.  Not many people around here care for Holly, but I love it!  Especially at Christmas time.  It was wrapped in paper towel, soaking in a cup of water and really needed to be put in soil to get rooted.  This wasn't difficult for me until I realized that I had to move the potted plant out of the middle of our sidewalk.  It was a wee bit heavy.
About this time, I'm thinking maybe I should venture around our front yard and see what I can find there that may need to be taken care of, something light and easy.
Now, this is where it gets a little bit crazy.  As I'm walking, very slowly mind you, to the front yard, I come around to be facing my woodpecker feeders.  I'm about 5 feet from the feeders when the male woodpecker that I kindly refer to as 'Woody' lands on top of the feeder hanger and starts this incredible, shrill pitched squawking!
(This is Woody and his son)
I'm looking at this bird and realize the feeders are empty.  I hear myself ask him "Would you like me to take them and fill them up?  You will have to be a little more patient with me as it is going to take time for me to get back".  As I finish, I realize I am standing in my front yard talking to a frickin' woodpecker!!  I turn around slowly, checking for any neighbors who may have been outside and heard me.  Damn, that would have been embarrassing!  No one to be seen.  I'm safe.  I proceed to get the feeders and get them filled up.  That took me about 30 minutes.
Whilst back in my front yard and nothing much else to do, I decide to venture up my front porch steps to check my hanging plants to make sure they don't need any water.  
Really stupid idea as there was no watering can on the front porch even if they did need water!  But here's a photo of them for your enjoyment.  For anyone who has never seen a 'Miniature Fuschia' here it is.  Certainly a first for me :)
Now that several hours have passed and I have made it back around to my back porch, I sit down in my rocker to rest.  Damn, I'm worn out!  But I really didn't do anything!  How could I be so tired?  There is still a couple of hours before hubby gets home so I search for something else to do.
The 'Moon Flowers' were calling my name.  As I sat in my rocker I wondered 'if I got down to plant them in the flower garden, would I be able to get back up?'  Needless to say, I was able to get down but didn't get them planted.  I stayed on the ground until hubby came home and helped me to my feet.  Guess there's no doubt about who will be taking their sorry ass to the soon as I find some time :) ©

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