Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Add your Comment'

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What would a blog be if there wasn't some type of option to leave a comment?  Whether positive or negative, comments are good.  They leave the author of the blog feeling that their readers were interested enough in their topic to generate something in reply.

Of course, with any site you decide to go with when developing your blog, they offer an automatic comments section. But, what if you are looking for something more, something that allows you to reply individually to each person who comments?  Then, you might be interested in adding smiley faces, video option, poll ratings, etc.  Two comment alternatives I have seen a lot of is Disqus and Intense Debate.  Both of these seem to run generally good on other sites that I have visited. Why is it that I have trouble with mine? 
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 I have chosen to go with Intense Debate, even after knowing that it may have conflicts with Blogger.
  I love what the program offers and am determined to get it right on this blog!

For anyone who has been following my blog and commenting, I'm sure you have noticed that one time you may be commenting in Intense Debate format and the next, Blogger format.  For some reason, and only on a couple of posts, my comment section has decided to switch from Intense Debate to Blogger Comments.  And yes, before you ask, I have it set to 'New Posts Do Not Have Comments'.  I find that there are many comments left through Intense Debate that others do not see because when the switch occurs, they are not visible on my blog.  They are only visible on the Intense Debate web site.

   So, this post is a test.  A friend has given me some suggestions to fix this problem, but I won't know if it has been fixed without YOU leaving a comment.
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Please let me know what you have found that works best with your blog and what blog format are you using, Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, etc?  Are comments important to you as a blogger?  What do you look for with your comment format?

Thanks, in advance, for the input!© 
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