Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Don't Sit Well!

When we found that we would be losing our house last August, we were led to believe that we only had a couple of weeks to move.  Well obviously, that wasn't true, but that is besides the point.  The house that we now live in needs a lot of work.  What was not disclosed at the time of purchase was that it had extensive fire damage.  We came across that knowledge when we began to replace the floor and had to remove floor boards.  Along with the fire damage, we found multiple areas that also had termite damage.  Unfortunate as that is, we are still trying to attempt 'fixing' it up with a positive attitude which isn't always easy to have.
Aside of the fact that all the walls, ceilings, and floors have to be replaced, the house truly needs a complete overhaul!  In tearing down the walls, we found that the house has absolutely no insulation in it!  And I wondered why I was having a $500.00 electric bill each month this past winter, well duh!!!

But now it is summertime and it is time for me to turn my attentions to the outside, the 'yard'.  With absolutely no landscaping it is severely screaming for attention and when it comes to outdoor design, I am there!  Of course, there is a lot of heavy lifting and digging to be done so I have to admit that I wouldn't be able to do any of it anymore without the help of my husband and son.
First, I have to start with the design.  All of this comes straight out of my head while I am sitting on the porch or walking around.  Then while I am in the gardening section of Lowes or Walmart, one idea after another pop into my pea brain.
Outdoor Flower Gardens
I am not satisfied with just a small, little flower bed.  It has to be gigantic!  I have to have room to put everything and anything in there that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies!

HummingbirdImage by Marie Carter via Flickr
Then, of course, we have to have the bird feeders in abundance throughout the yard, not mentioning the bluebird houses that didn't get made this year.  Okay hubby, I know you were really busy with the vegetable garden.  You are forgiven.  And I guess I really should share the fact that you built me two incredible, raised beds for my herb garden.

I keep poor hubby so busy with a 'to do' list that there is never any doubt how much he loves me.  I'm not sure if I was a man if I would spend all my time off of work making things for my wife :)

But, keeping him busy all the time ends up getting me in trouble.  I want to get so much done in such a little period of time that I end up going off and starting something else on my own.  Did I mention that maybe I'm just a little OCD?  And that I will be having my first, 'official' visitor this coming weekend and want the place to look nice?

I usually find that I need help on my project and with everyone else busy on something else, I won't ask and try it myself.  I mean really, I used to be able to do these things by myself!  Well, I'm here to tell you that as you get older, you tend to need more help.  That is a concept that I have a difficult time accepting.  And as I do, I have now re-injured an old back injury. 

So, here it is Wed. and I'm not really any better than I was Sat. when it occurred.  I can tolerate the pain, but the muscle spasms radiating from my lumbar to my sacro-iliac joint are excruciating and stop me in my tracks! Trying to get comfortable and sleeping at night have been miserable.  So last evening, I do what I don't like to do and asked my hubby "What do we have in this house for pain?????"

Not much later, he hands me several bottles to choose from.

Flexeril, Loratab, Robaxin...what should I take?  I don't sit well!