Monday, October 10, 2011

When Plans Go Awry

It's been years since my husband and I have had time to ourselves.  I mean, real quality time, without children around or any interruptions of any kind.
This is a long weekend for the kids, Fall Break, with Friday and Monday out of school.  It began as a weekend of opportunity for me, imagining all the loose ends we could take care of having everyone at home.  It didn't exactly turn out that way though.
My son left on Sat. afternoon to spend the weekend with a friend.

 My daughter took advantage of her brother being gone and invited two of her friends to spend the weekend.
Oh, how I remember how much fun it was to stay up all night watching movies with my friends.

Sunday is the start of a new day.  But the girls decide that they want to spend Sunday night over at their house.  Not a problem with me.  Seriously?  The thought of having an evening together with my husband and no kids?  You don't have to ask me twice!  I can't remember the last time both kids were out of the house at the same time.  I go off to inform my husband that we would be 'kid-less' in a couple of hours and my imagination begins to travel...
What a wonderful time we were going to have!

my phone rings.  I knew I should have turned that damn thing off!  It's my son.  He calls to tell me that I need to pick him up because his friend has an early doctor's appointment.

I'm so disappointed.
What else to do?  I load the girls up and drop them off and grab my son on the way back home.  Oh well...maybe next time.©