Thursday, October 20, 2011

Idiots! They Get Under My Skin

I find myself sitting here wondering just how much education does it take a person to work in a mortgage company these days, or even a banking institution.  If you have kept up with my blog, you know that a couple of months ago, we lost our home to bankrupcy and/or foreclosure...take your pick.
What a cluster **** of people they have managing the sale of our house.  I have sat back watching the array of events, just shaking my head and thinking 'what a group of idiots!'

I have to drive by the old property several times a month and it saddens me to see it sitting empty, grass and hay fields overgrown, flower beds taken over by weeds, and broken fencing.  It is slowly deteriorating.  Being a log home, it needs the heat in the winter.  Another year without heat and air will duly affect the logs and that damage will be throughout the house itself.

The house had sold at auction, and then the buyer changed his mind.  Then, a couple of families went in together to try to buy it but never raised enough money for a down payment and was unable to get a loan.
  It sat for about 2 months before the mortgage company ever gave it to a Realtor.  Another month went by before I saw that they put a tiny 'For Sale' sign.  I mean, seriously, you would have to actually stop on the highway to read the sign!

During this time, I kept receiving letters in the mail from our second mortgage company telling me they were getting ready to 'foreclose' on our house.  Really??  Hello!  So, after the second letter I call the phone number listed in the letter and get placed on hold for the attorney handling 'my case'.  After speaking with her, I realize she is totally clueless as she argues with me that they are our first lien on the home.  Is this an actual 'attorney' I am speaking with??  I explained to her the chain of events and told her that if she intended to get any money out of the house then they better get in contact with the first mortgage company and get on the same page as everyone else.  I also suggested she get a copy of the deed and take a look at the lien holders and what order they are in.  No kidding, they thought we were still living in the house and was totally unaware that the house had even been at many months ago???

My question in all of this is where do these people get their degree?  I mean, do they really go to college these days or just take an internet course.  Absolutely ridiculous! 
It's interesting to note that in the above mentioned letter, they state that they are there to help.  "We don't want you to lose your house so please call the number below so that we may help you to get back on track."  Bankers, attorneys, administrators, blablabla!  They all make me crazy!  Where in the hell were you a year ago??  Where was the help back when we could have actually done something about this??  Ahhhh maybe you realized that we were telling the truth when we said we had tried to sell the house and it wouldn't sell because of it's size?  or because it had too much property with it?  I guess you all thought I was blowing smoke up your ass.  What a bunch of dumb dicks!

Not too long ago my husband gets a call from a gentleman interested in purchasing the house.  He tells my husband that he has talked to the mortgage company and that he was given our number to call to have us 'show' him the house.  Really?  They are giving out our phone number now?  You know I had fun with that one.  I'm not a damn realtor!  If you want the house shown to someone, go show it your damn self!  Not much later we receive another call.  This gentleman tells us he has purchased the house but that the mortgage company has lost the keys and was wondering if we had another set before he has the locksmith come out and pop the locks.  
I just shake my head in amazement!  We have been gone a year now but the stupidity of authority continues to haunt me each day.  I'd like to slap someone up along side their head and give them a wake up call!