Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poe-a-Tree Hop


Roy Durham is author of Roy's Garage Sell and Auction.  He also is the creator of the Poe-a-tree Hop.  This Hop's theme is 'What does the light of one little candle means to you?'

If you would like to participate, jump in and be sure to leave your link at Roy's site on his linky tool so we can all enjoy your contribution!

 What does the light of one little candle mean to me?

Lighting a candle takes no effort at all, just a flick of a lighter or a flash of a match. But the flame is significant.  To watch the flame flicker mesmerizes me.  It enthralls my every being.  The warmth consumes me, leaving me filled with peace and solitude.  I watch the reflection of places and faces.   The sweet smell of scented wax permeates my nostrils.
But a flame of such a small size can be taken for granted.  As it may fill your soul with peace, it can also be devastating, destroying everything known to you.  It can take all you love away from you within only moments.
Never to release its wrath, we selfishly keep it restrained.  Only one little candle flame.  Do not open the doors or windows, do not move in speed, do not blow.  It can remove itself from our enjoyment as quickly as it came to be.©