Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Has Been Keeping Me Busy?

So what has been keeping me busy lately?  Well, where do I begin?  I have been spending most of my time outside.  In spring, we decided to landscape and plant a vegetable garden.  Both have been very demanding and left me with little time for much of anything else.

We began our weekend early Sat. morning before the yard gave way to the sun's heat.  It seemed as though everything was ripe for the picking and we all jumped in with buckets and pails.  Our onion crop flourished this year.

Our Brussell Sprouts were in abundance as well.  We had a very strange year with cross pollination.  I ended up with purple brussell sprouts growing alongside the purple cabbage itself.

This is one of my family's favorites intermixed in fresh green salad.
Add the tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever else we can find, it becomes a meal in itself.

Tomatoes.  Every variety, but Romas seem to be my favorite for eating.  The rest of them go into canning, which will be another day.  Getting all of this cleaned up and put away takes the whole afternoon and evening.

Potatoes.  Now, this was a struggle to get my husband to plant.  He always tells me that they take up too much room in the garden and it's easier to just buy a 50 lb bag.  I was insistent, to say the least.  Whala!  My potatoes!
Other than taste, one of the things I enjoy about digging up potatoes is that they are so individual in their growth patterns.

Of course, I have to play a little while working.  Here are two very uniquely shaped potatoes that I had in my bucket.  These little guys never cease to amaze me with their shapes.

So, after all the plants are picked clean, I'm giving a sigh of relief, knowing that all is done.  Hubby unlocks the shed and pulls out the rototiller.  Her he goes through the garden again and starts making rows.  Looks like we are planting a fall garden.  Well, looking on the bright side of time???  I have about six to eight weeks before all this starts all over again :)  That will give me time to catch up on everything I have put on the back burner for the last two months.
So, how do you handle juggling your time during the busy summer months?  Please share because I'm always feeling like I'm always two steps behind ©