Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Can I Just Whine A Little???

I am not normally a clumsy person nor do I let much slow me down.  But this weekend, I felt like I was 'Goofy', the cartoon character.
We spent our beautiful, 90 degree weekend outside finishing yard work.  It seemed to all start when I turned around on our porch and caught my ankle on the base of the wooden rocker.  Damn!  That hurt!  For a few minutes it went numb, and then WHAM!  It started throbbing!  Within a very short time it started turning black and blue.
It wasn't long after that I turned around the other direction and caught the top of the very same foot on the blade of the saw-saw.  Now, that one really got me!  At first I thought I had just grazed it and went on with what I was doing until I realized I was bleeding all over the damn porch!  So off I go in search of a large enough bandage and some Neosporin to doctor my blang foot.
Seriously, it didn't look like this...it was just fine with an over-sized band-aid.
My day proceeds on without event until late afternoon when I pleasantly smash my thumb with a hammer!  I'm sure you can only imagine the words that came out of my mouth with that...
I thought I was finished with getting 'beat on' by the elements of my day until I ran my hand along the porch railing and picked up a splinter in my left hand.  This would not normally be a problem but as I am left handed, I can't do shit with my right hand!  Absolutely no coordination with my right hand to hold a needle and try to pry that little booger out of there with a pin.  So today, it is festered up and hurts like a son-of-a-bitch!
(not my hand)
   I'm wondering how many days will it be before it works its way out of there.  Anyone have any ideas??©

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alejandro guzman said...

a week? or get someone else in the house to pull it out... Got a dog? let him shew on a bit.


Ouch... stay out of the backyard!

Anna said...

I would let my husband take care of it but he uses a 'really' big knife and I think that would hurt worse :(
Not too sure about letting the dog chew on it, I may not have a hand left when he's done:)

Jessica Brant said...

Oh no you poor baby..... please take care of yourself... Thank God it was not you fingers so you can be laid up and write some more posts...

Feel better my sweet

JIM said...

Damn you need to stay away from sharp,heavy or hot items for a awhile. Stay Safe


Rimly said...

They say bad things come in threes. I guess you are over the worst. But you should show yourself to a doctor to remove that splinter. Take care my friend.xoxo

hocam said...

Oops the day from hell. You better saty out of the yard. I'd get a friend to go in there after that, or it could get a lot worse. Glad you can type one handed:-)

Roy Durham said...

take a soda pop bottle fill it with hot water. then dump it out . put the mouth of the bottle over the splinter hold it the for about two minutes. the sliver should pop out. replete as necessary. i works. oh keep writing it safer. thank you and god bless

Anna said...

@ Jess, the splinter is right in the palm of my hand. Luckily, it doesn't affect my typing, or at least as long as I don't rest the palm of my hand on my keyboard LOL
@ Jim, I plan to take this week off from yard work :) Just getting caught up on the computer.
@ Rimly, that is true! Bad things do come in 3's so I think I've met my quota!
@hocam, yes it was! I can do without those kind of days. Makes me want to go back to bed and get up on the other side???
@Roy, I am going to try that. Have never heard of that before. Thanks!!

Larry Lewis said...

Think you best stay indoors. Wrap yourself up in cotton wall, and stay safe.

Jessica M said...

Sounds like you need some time soaking in the bathtub..away from the backyard! Oh no! Hope your week goes better than your weekend! xoxo

Anna said...

@ Larry, I did stay indoors today! Too fricken' HOT outside!!
@Jessica, I'm not soaking in the tub, but do have the house to myself for a couple of hours...it works for me:)

Poetic chronicles said...

Oooops, bad bad day! Has that splinter gone out now? Maybe you'd better let your husband take it out?
Thanks for visiting my blog by the way ;) I'll be back here for sure! Take care,

Alpana Jaiswal said...

Take care of yourself...it matters.

Anna said...

@ Valerie, yes, it is out this morning! And thanks for coming by. I appreciate the visit:)
@ Alpana, you know us women tend to neglect ourselves...by the time we take care of everyone else, there doesn't seem to be much time left for us. Working on improving that tho:)

Debra said...

Always remember what mama said. This video should help:)

Wishing you a speedly recovery and better days ahead. But don't forget what mama said...