Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tribute to a Friend

Every once in awhile, an opportunity presents itself and you walk away feeling more complete within yourself.  Recently, this happened to me.

I had the chance to meet someone that some may know as our 'Purple Queen', Yoga Savy, or Savira.  What a fantastic person she is!  Full of warmth, compassion, and beauty.  Everything I ever imagined her to be plus more.

Isn't it funny how life goes?  We meet some people and see them rarely, but it always seems like you just saw them yesterday when you talk to them.  Then, there are people who are involved in our lives for a very short time, and although they made a drastic impact, we never see or hear from them again.  And of course, there are the mainstays of our life, ones that are there daily, through thick and thin.  Yes, indeed it is baffling to me how our interactions with others affect our life.  Isn't it odd that certain people that you meet just have an aura, a special warmth about them that make you want to stay close to them forever? 

They make you feel good inside about yourself.   You feel as though there are no judgments being made;  they accept you the way you are along with all your quirks and imperfections.
Let me introduce to you Savira, a very special woman.

Savira has just recently completed her last post for her blog A Purple Journey.  If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting her blog, grab you a cup of coffee and drop by.  She has plenty of entertaining, informational, and thought provoking posts to keep you busy for awhile.  Her blog has been an inspiration to me as well as a place to go to ponder the wonders of life. 

I hope that she realizes the difference she has made in people's lives with her blog.  Here's to you my Purple Queen!  May you find what you seek in life.  May you have peace in your heart.  May you continue to touch people with your tenderness and enlighten with your humor.  I wish you all the best as you turn a new page in your book of life. ©