Monday, February 6, 2012

I Met An Unusual Man...

As you know, the last couple of weeks have been a little overwhelming for me.  Last weekend, we needed to get a school project done for my son and it required going to the lake.  While we were there, I broke away from everyone else and ventured off on my own.  I just needed to find some space and fresh air, sort of clear my head?

It was a cold day for being at the lake, but no less breathtaking.  As I walked alone, I enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me.  All the scents of nature after being cooped up in the house was a welcome blessing.  Everything was so quiet except for a few birds chippering away.
I continued to walk, snapping pictures along the way.  I hadn't really realized how far I had wondered from the rest of the family.  I guess they were so busy with their project, they didn't realize I had left either.  Along the road, there is a place that you can get pretty close to the dam.  The water was so still and clear.  When I turned around, I spotted this lone fisherman.
With as cold as it was, I remember thinking he must really love fishing to be out there all bundled up like he was, trying to catch a blang fish!  I watched him for awhile, and then mossied on my merry way.  
When I noticed that I had wondered quite a distance, I turned around and headed back.  Along the path, I spotted an unusual site.  There was a man walking with a shoe attached to the end of a long pole, swinging it back over his shoulder and then forwards again, keeping beat with his steps.
He greeted me with a warm smile and a cheery 'hello', never missing a beat.  My curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't help but to ask him about his 'shoe on the pole'.  What an interesting story he had to share.  Apparently, he had suffered several injuries to his arms in the war, and required daily therapy to keep both of his arms functional.  He told me that he was not a man of money and could not afford expensive exercise equipment, so he devised his 'shoe on a pole'.  He added that he walked three miles each day, weather permitting.   Then, with an Irish laugh he said "if I'm feeling really chipper, I add a bag of sand in the shoe to make it weigh 8 lbs", and adds a wink.  After we chatted for a bit, he asked me "what brings you up here on this brisk day?"  I didn't want to get into details, so I just replied that I was a blogger and had come to get photos.  That is when I got the idea to ask him if he minded if I took his picture, and explained to him that I would be using my photos for a post on my blog.  A big smile came across his  face and he replied "sure, if we could get the lake behind me".  I told him that would be no problem, and we slowly walked over to the sidewalk, where we could get a good photo.
After he left, I couldn't help but stop and be thankful for the many things in my life.  Although the journey sometimes gets tremulous, I still have a wonderful life with wonderful people in it.  Sometimes, it just takes a day like today to bring it all into focus ☺