Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey another Poe-A-Tree Hop!
Well here we go again just hopping all over the world. As you may know the last hop we were looking at the rainbows. Saw some mighty pretty ones too. But to have a rainbow you need a little rain. So this time, get you a box of Kleenex or a supply of crying towels cause were going to have a down pour of tears causing poems and tear jerking stories for you to read. As you dry your eyes please leave a sympathy note in the comments. 

There a list of blogs that is participating in this hop below the poems and or story. Have fun and cry your eyes out. It good for you, Mikey likes it.

they come and go
like the changing of the seasons.

flow so easy
at such a young age.

from the depths of my soul
to the pores of my skin.

now so much older
so difficult to hide

when shall you release me
from your grasp.

let me be free.

Participating blogs: click on one and make the hop to another puddle of tears.
In no particle order:

Bonnie Parker Gayadeen

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